Catching up
I don't know how people keep up with daily posting, on-line or otherwise!

Hannah and I are back in the chemistry book, when we are both home. It's so hard for her to keep up as it takes her so long to read, then she has a disturbing habit of forgetting what she was catching onto, so we have to start over. The joys of a brain injury, I suppose.

Rhi and Kara (Frank, for those of you out of the loop) will be taking Brandon's film class starting tomorrow morning. They love making short video skits and have gotten quite good at picking up the editing program. I loved the Series of Unfortunate Skits they put together as a Christmas present. What a couple of goofs!

Mike, Hannah and I will clean the office and finish off the David binders while the girls are taking the class. Poor Hannah, she'll be so bored! Then I'll need to get home to get my laundry done. Not too exciting of a weekend, is it? 

We've been thinking about a trip to Israel in April, but with the Gaza stuff going on I am beginning to think we need to wait. But it just never seems to be very peaceful over there, does it? Mike is determined that I will have a stamp in my passport before it expires! I sometimes feel like the character in "While You Were Sleeping," who lived her life with an unused passport, taking tokens at the subway. Except I'm not engaged to the unconscious brother of the man I really love. Now that I think of it, I don't feel like her at all! But my passport does.

December 8, 2008
Got the Christmas tree today. The girls are going to decorate it for me this year. Rhianna and Kara are quite excited about getting to do the lights.

Hannah saw the endocrinologist today. They'll have to run more blood work as the last ones weren't done at 8 AM so are not valid.

Gotta go. The tree needs to be straightened, and Mike doesn't think the girls are doing quite the job they should be!

Getting started
Looking for Brenna's site so I can find pictures of Yonah, but unable to do so. Am I old? No, Rhianna can't find her either. Hope to get connected soon.


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